Sunday, February 5, 2012

Job Seekers These 5 Things Will Open Up More Career Opportunities! Tips for a Successful Job Search.

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Recruiters and employers don't have time to sort through hundreds or thousands of resumes – to get employers or hiring managers’ attention do these FIVE things:

1. Find a professional, aesthetically pleasing resume format that clearly highlights what makes you special.  It should have a summary area where you discuss your key characteristics and highlight your most important accomplishments. Second, it should have an area that highlights your most important skills or competencies.   The document image for this post is an example.

2. Research keywords and know what the marketplace considers your unique traits or characteristics.  I have discussed this topic in detail on two previous posts: "Think Before You Send" and “Don't Commit Career Suicide.”  In brief, I recommended job seekers go to and and conduct a title search for jobs and competitors, respectively.  The results should be large but try to narrow it down and pick five job descriptions and five competitor profiles then copy and paste the contents into  This will make a word cloud and allow you to analyze keyword frequency and importance.

3. Using keywords, list your accomplishments and responsibilities to create a complete bullet point.  Most professionals either list only their accomplishments or only their responsibilities, they rarely do both - buck the trend and do both to get noticed.

4. Once you have everything setup then send out your resume but please and I repeat please do not spam your resume.  Where possible try to find a contact at a firm to at least get a name of someone who can be used as a referral; is great for this. 

5. Finally, don't be scared to pick up the phone and ask companies about opportunities; you might be surprised with the results.   In this day and age everyone needs to have sales skills and be their own brand ambassador.  In order to succeed you have to do more than your competitors and calling is a big differentiator. 

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  1. Direct your job search like you will accomplish on the job for the employer. When you're serious about getting your next position with one of your target company, you will naturally clearly this via your words, preparation, and actions.

  2. Could you throw a little more light on step 5 above. When i want to apply to companies like Googles and facebooks of the world, how does calling their corporate office have any effect?

    1. Sure. First these tips are for the general market and the companies you mentioned require a few tweaks to the points mentioned. With that said, the concept is still accurate; you want to get noticed by an employer in a cost effective way and a phone call can be a great way to do that but before targeting companies like Facebook and Google it is best to make sure you fit their candidate profile; a quick way to determine that is to checkout the LinkedIn company statistics page or other sources like Vault. If you do fit before sending in your application or resume make a connection with someone by networking or attending a recruiting event or some other event they host. But the biggest thing with companies like that or any company for that matter is to make sure your fit their profile - otherwise you are wasting your time. Checkout for more insight. Thanks.